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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why use implantable hormone pellets?

A. There are numerous reasons ranging from patient preference to the safety and effectiveness pellets deliver. Of all the different therapies available, pellets most closely resemble the body’s natural process.

Q. Please explain the process for implanting hormone pellets?

A. On the link entitled, “Hormone Pellet Insertion” on this web site, the entire process is reviewed.

Q. Will the procedure for inserting hormone pellets hurt?

A. No. The procedure is fast and the insertion area is easily numbed. No stitches are used to close the tiny insertion area.

Q. Will I feel the pellets under my skin?

A. The vast majority of patients have no awareness the pellets are there.

Q. Do I have to worry about the pellets coming out?

A. This rarely happens.

Q. How will you know when to replace my pellets?

A. We will monitor your hormone levels. This is a simple process.

Q. If I opted not to have pellets implanted, are there other options available?

A. Yes, implantable hormone pellets may not be right for everyone. Therefore we do our best to match the needs and desires of the patient to a safe and effective therapy that will work best for them.



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